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If you’ve recently been in a car accident and are searching for an auto body repair shop you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can Fick’s get you back on the road in record time, but we can also help process your insurance claim, without any added hassles.

Auto Repair Services

Our auto body specialists will streamline the processing of your claim and get your vehicle back to you in better shape than it was before the accident. From our accurate and efficient appraisal center to the fully equipped paint facility and the final detailing station, Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center provides full-service auto body repair you can count on following an accident.

What to Expect

  • Written and detailed estimate including a completion date.
  • Insurance negotiations and processing.
  • Parts order and delivery.
  • Vehicle inspection and disassembly.
  • Additional written report if necessary.
  • Your authorization for all vehicle repairs.
  • New panel installations and all necessary work.
  • Priming, sealing, and rust protection treatment.
  • Repair inspection and testing; prepping for painting.
  • Acrylic paint and refinishing process.
  • Detailing, reassembly, wheel alignment, and final inspection.
  • Your guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind.

An accident is upsetting enough as it is without worrying about the reliability of an auto body repair shop to get the job done properly. Fick’s offers an experienced and accredited collision repair service that takes care of your needs efficiently and won’t add to your headaches. We service every make and model of vehicle from our shop and have established long-standing links with several insurance companies and dealerships.

A Better Auto Body Repair Service

  • Updated training and staff certification.
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment.
  • A range of cost-effective collision repair services.
  • Repairs with or without insurance.
  • No-hassle warranties.

What to Look for in an Auto Repair Shop

  • Choose a reputable auto body shop to work on your vehicle. Your insurance company cannot force you to seek repairs at a specific auto body shop. Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center offers accredited staff, written estimates, and full warranties on our work.
  • Choose an auto body shop that offers uni-body repair equipment.
  • While second opinions can prove valuable, you are not legally required to obtain more than one estimate for vehicle repair.
  • Do not compromise your safety by driving a vehicle that is visibly damaged following a collision. 
  • Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center LLC offers towing services 24/7.
  • A reputable auto body shop offers only genuine manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts or certified replacement parts.
  • Make sure you understand the warranties on every repair performed on your vehicle. A trustworthy repair service like Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center LLC will be happy to clarify warranty terms for you!
  • Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets and one of your most important investments. Always choose professional auto body repair.

Auto Paint Services

Are you worried the gloss from your motorcycle has reduced? Has the paint on your car chipped recently? Are you concerned that areas with rust might worsen as the weather changes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to call Fick’s!

Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center LLC is a leading auto paint repair specialist that motorists have trusted for many years. Our team of professionally trained repair technicians is skilled in car and motorcycle paint jobs, vehicle rust repairs, and all types of automotive detailing from buffing to wet sanding. So, if your vehicle needs a paint service or repair, call Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center LLC today!

Common Reasons for Auto Paint Damage

Auto paint damage can occur for many reasons. Some are obvious, others less so. Five of the most common causes that should be avoided to ensure the upkeep of your car’s appearance include:

Temperature Fluctuations: Changes in temperature are unfortunately not the best for paint longevity. The paint on your vehicle expands and contracts when the temperature changes. This results in cracks and chips that, over time, allow water to enter causing rust and more serious damage to your car.

The Presence of Concrete: Parking your vehicle close to a construction site can be detrimental – wet concrete can become lodged and set on the exterior. If this occurs, it’ll leave a permanent mark when removed.

Bird Droppings: Is your car regularly parked near trees? If so, you need to be vigilant for bird droppings as the acidity contained within can erode the paintwork on your vehicle.

Soap and Other Abrasive Cleaning Products: Generic cleaning products such as soap or washing detergent can cause significant damage to the visual appearance of your car or motorbike. When washing your car, use auto-specific products only.

Stone Chippings: If you reside in a rural area, it’s more likely that your vehicle will be exposed to road chippings during times of road repair. Be extra vigilant to drive slowly in these conditions and check your car for marks when safe to do so.

Vehicle Paint Matching

Few things look worse than having a patch on your car that’s close to the color of the rest of your vehicle but is noticeably not the same. Our paint technicians know how to match the exact color of your vehicle, even if the color has faded a bit over the years.

For auto repair services you can rely on, call Fick’s Auto Body & Collision Center at (989) 662-4103!

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